Game Changing - Busted Life

Busted Life Hits African Cinemas – Oct. 23RD 2016

Best friends become enemies and separately rise through the ranks of a criminal underworld, only to cross paths once again ten years later on opposite sides of the table.
Uzor and Femi are Nigerian immigrants trying to make a life for themselves in America. Uzor (Ramsey Nouah), the most level-headed of the pair, finds comfort in American girl Sheryl, while Femi (Chet Anekwe) takes solace in prostitutes—often landing himself in less-than-desirable situations. Femi’s lust for Sheryl leads him to inform her of Uzor’s wife and children back in Nigeria, and he takes advantage of her desperate state; she and Femi devise a plan to rid themselves of Uzor for good by means of a fraudulent multi-million dollar life insurance policy.
Uzor discovers the plot and manages to thwart it, but the knowledge of the betrayal plummets him into misery; he finds himself unemployed and frustrated, and is kicked out of the house by his wife. He takes refuge in the arms of another woman, Lisa, who introduces him to her “family”—an arm of a dangerous drug cartel. Uzor attempts to enact revenge by reporting Femi and Sheryl to the authorities, but before police can arrive, Sheryl tragically suffers a heart attack and dies. Femi finds her and flees the scene.
Desperate and alone, Femi digresses to his prostitute-chasing ways, and is apprehended and jailed. Meanwhile, Uzor rises through the ranks to become a don in the criminal ring. Upon Femi’s release, he is recruited into a drug-running gang, and he devises a plot to steal from the cartel. The former best friends’ unfinished business resurfaces when their paths cross again over an intense drug deal, and all hell breaks loose.
Inspired by true events, Busted Life breaks the bonds of brotherhood between two best friends from the same motherland against a backdrop of American greed and corruption in a way that defies expectation.